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Why Does My Dog Body Check Me


Why Does My Dog Body Check Me?

Have you ever experienced your dog suddenly body checking you? It can be quite surprising and even painful at times. But why do dogs do this? Let’s explore some possible reasons behind this behavior.

1. Seeking Attention: Dogs are social animals and often use body checking as a way to get your attention. If they feel you’re not giving them enough focus, they may resort to physical contact to grab your attention.

2. Playfulness: Body checking can also be a sign of playfulness. Dogs sometimes mimic behaviors seen during play with other dogs, which may involve playful shoving and bumping.

3. Establishing Dominance: In some cases, body checking can be a display of dominance. Dogs may use this behavior to establish their position in the hierarchy, especially if they feel threatened or challenged.

4. Lack of Training: Dogs that haven’t received proper training may resort to body checking as a way to assert themselves or get what they want. It is essential to establish clear boundaries and teach your dog appropriate behaviors.

5. Excitement: Dogs often exhibit enthusiastic behavior when they’re excited, and body checking can be a result of their high energy levels. They may unintentionally bump into you while expressing their excitement.

6. Health Issues: It’s important to rule out any underlying health issues that may cause your dog to body check. Pain or discomfort can lead to unusual behavior, so consult with your veterinarian to ensure your dog is in good health.

7. Lack of Exercise: Insufficient exercise can result in pent-up energy, leading to behavioral issues. Regular exercise and mental stimulation can help reduce body checking tendencies.

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8. Fear or Anxiety: Dogs may body check as a fear or anxiety response when they’re feeling threatened or stressed. It could be a sign that they’re trying to create space or protect themselves.


1. How can I discourage my dog from body checking?
To discourage body checking, redirect their attention to appropriate behaviors and reward calm behavior. Consistent training and positive reinforcement can help shape desired behavior.

2. Is body checking dangerous?
Body checking can be potentially dangerous, especially if your dog is large or becomes overly excited. It’s important to teach them appropriate boundaries and provide them with alternative outlets for their energy.

3. Should I punish my dog for body checking?
Punishment is not recommended, as it may increase fear or anxiety in your dog. Instead, focus on positive reinforcement and redirecting their behavior to more appropriate actions.

4. Can body checking be a sign of aggression?
Body checking alone may not necessarily indicate aggression. However, if your dog’s body checking is accompanied by growling, baring teeth, or other aggressive behaviors, it’s important to seek professional help to address the underlying issues.

5. Can body checking be a learned behavior?
Yes, body checking can be learned through reinforcement or observation of other dogs. It’s important to provide consistent training and socialization to shape appropriate behavior.

6. Should I consult a professional behaviorist or trainer?
If your dog’s body checking becomes excessive, aggressive, or poses a safety risk, consulting a professional behaviorist or trainer can be beneficial. They can help assess the underlying causes and provide guidance on how to address the issue effectively.

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7. Can body checking be a sign of overexcitement?
Yes, body checking can be a result of overexcitement. It’s essential to provide your dog with appropriate outlets for their energy, such as regular exercise and mental stimulation.

8. Is body checking more common in specific breeds?
While body checking can be observed in various breeds, it might be more common in breeds with higher energy levels or those bred for physical activities, such as working or sporting breeds.

Remember, understanding the reasons behind your dog’s body checking behavior is crucial for addressing it effectively. With proper training, socialization, and exercise, you can guide your dog towards appropriate and polite behavior.

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