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What Spiders Are Good Pets


What Spiders Make Good Pets

Spiders are often misunderstood creatures, evoking fear and repulsion in many people. However, for those with an open mind, spiders can actually make fascinating and low-maintenance pets. While not all spider species are suitable for domestication, some make excellent pets due to their docile nature and interesting behaviors. If you are considering a spider as a pet, here are a few species worth considering:

1. Mexican Red Knee Tarantula: These tarantulas are known for their striking coloration and relatively calm temperament. They are relatively hardy and can live for up to 30 years.

2. Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula: This species is one of the most popular pet spiders due to its docile nature. Chilean Rose Hair Tarantulas are also easy to care for, making them ideal for beginners.

3. Jumping Spider: These tiny spiders are known for their incredible jumping abilities. They are active and curious, making them fascinating pets to observe.

4. Brazilian Black Tarantula: These tarantulas have a jet-black appearance and are generally docile. They are relatively low-maintenance and can live for several decades.

5. Wolf Spider: Wolf spiders are known for their large size and hunting abilities. Although they can be fast and active, they are generally harmless to humans and can be captivating to watch.

6. Fishing Spider: These spiders are unique in that they can swim and catch prey in water. They are relatively large and require a spacious enclosure with access to water.

7. Pink Toe Tarantula: This species gets its name from the pinkish coloration on its toes. Pink Toe Tarantulas are arboreal, meaning they spend most of their time climbing. They require a tall enclosure with plenty of branches and foliage.

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8. Golden Silk Orb Weaver: These spiders are known for their impressive webs and bright yellow coloration. They are relatively calm and can be kept in a spacious enclosure with ample vertical space.


1. Are pet spiders dangerous?
Most pet spider species are harmless to humans. However, it’s important to research a particular species’ venom potency before considering it as a pet.

2. Do spiders require a lot of care?
Spiders are generally low-maintenance pets. They require regular feeding and a clean enclosure, but they don’t need daily attention or social interaction.

3. Can I handle my pet spider?
While some spider species can be handled, it is generally advised to avoid handling them, as it can cause stress and potential harm to the spider.

4. What do spiders eat?
Most pet spiders eat live insects, such as crickets or roaches. It’s essential to provide a varied diet and ensure the prey is appropriate for the spider’s size.

5. Can spiders be kept in groups?
Most spider species are solitary and should be kept individually to avoid aggression or cannibalism.

6. Do spiders need special enclosures?
Spiders require well-ventilated enclosures with appropriate substrate, hiding spots, and climbing structures. The enclosure should be escape-proof and easy to clean.

7. How long do pet spiders live?
The lifespan of pet spiders varies depending on the species. Some can live for a few years, while others can reach several decades.

8. How can I ensure my pet spider’s health?
Regularly monitor your spider’s behavior, appetite, and overall appearance. If any abnormalities occur, consult a veterinarian with experience in arachnid care.

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In conclusion, certain spider species can make captivating and low-maintenance pets. They offer a unique perspective into the fascinating world of arachnids and can be a rewarding addition to your household. However, always conduct thorough research and ensure you are knowledgeable about the specific requirements of the spider species you wish to keep.

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