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How to Sneak Dog Into Hotel


How to Sneak Your Dog Into a Hotel

If you are a dog owner, you know how difficult it can be to leave your furry friend behind when going on a vacation. However, many hotels have strict no-pet policies, making it challenging to bring your dog along. While it is always recommended to find pet-friendly accommodations, here are some tips on how to sneak your dog into a hotel if you find yourself in a bind.

1. Research the hotel: Before making a reservation, check the hotel’s pet policy thoroughly. Some hotels may allow small dogs or have designated pet-friendly rooms. If you cannot find any information, call the hotel and inquire about their policy discreetly.

2. Choose a dog-friendly breed: If you have a small dog or a breed that is known for being quiet and well-behaved, your chances of successfully sneaking them into a hotel are higher. Larger or more active breeds may be harder to hide and control.

3. Pack discreetly: To avoid suspicion, pack your dog’s supplies in inconspicuous bags or suitcases. Opt for collapsible water bowls, small toys, and compact blankets that can easily be concealed.

4. Keep your dog quiet: If your dog barks excessively or is prone to making noise, it will be much harder to keep them hidden. Consider bringing along a white noise machine or a calming collar to help keep your dog calm and quiet.

5. Plan bathroom breaks: Dogs need regular bathroom breaks, so plan accordingly. Take your dog for walks outside the hotel and make sure you clean up after them discreetly to avoid drawing attention.

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6. Use a dog carrier or crate: If your dog is small enough, consider using a carrier or crate to transport them. This will make it easier to keep them hidden and prevent any damage to the hotel room.

7. Keep a low profile: Avoid drawing attention to yourself and your dog. Keep them on a leash at all times when outside the room, and avoid common areas like the hotel lobby or restaurant.

8. Leave no trace: Ensure that your dog does not leave any evidence behind. Clean up any messes immediately and dispose of waste properly. Be mindful of any damages your dog may cause and take responsibility for them.


Q1. What happens if the hotel finds out I have a dog?
A1. Most hotels have strict policies for a reason. If caught, you may be asked to leave, face additional charges, or even be banned from the hotel.

Q2. Can I sneak my dog into any hotel?
A2. While it is not recommended, some hotels may be more lenient or unaware of their pet policy.

Q3. Can I get in trouble for sneaking my dog into a hotel?
A3. Yes, you can face consequences if caught, including additional fees, penalties, or legal action.

Q4. Are there any hotels that allow dogs?
A4. Yes, many hotels are pet-friendly. It is always best to find accommodations that openly welcome pets.

Q5. How can I find pet-friendly hotels?
A5. Use online resources, such as pet-friendly hotel directories or travel websites, to find hotels that explicitly allow pets.

Q6. Can I sneak a large dog into a hotel?
A6. It is more challenging to sneak a large dog into a hotel due to their size and activity levels.

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Q7. How can I keep my dog quiet in a hotel room?
A7. Bring along calming aids, such as a white noise machine or a calming collar, to help keep your dog quiet and relaxed.

Q8. What if my dog has an accident in the hotel room?
A8. Clean up any messes immediately, and if necessary, inform hotel staff discreetly to avoid suspicion.

Remember, sneaking your dog into a hotel should be a last resort. Always prioritize finding pet-friendly accommodations to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable vacation for both you and your furry friend.

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