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How to Get Pet Hair off Blankets in Washing Machine


How to Get Pet Hair off Blankets in Washing Machine

Pets are amazing companions, but their shedding can be a constant struggle. If you find yourself constantly battling pet hair on your blankets, worry no more! Here are some effective methods to get rid of pet hair from your blankets using a washing machine.

1. Pre-wash: Before tossing your blanket in the washing machine, it’s important to remove as much loose hair as possible. You can do this by giving the blanket a good shake outside or using a lint roller or brush to remove the hair.

2. Use a dryer sheet: Place a dryer sheet in the washing machine with the blanket. The antistatic properties of the dryer sheet will help repel pet hair, making it easier to remove during the wash.

3. Brush before washing: If your pet blanket is heavily covered in hair, try using a pet brush to remove excess hair before washing. This will help prevent clogging your washing machine with loose hair.

4. Use a rubber glove: Put on a rubber glove and dampen it with water. Run your gloved hand over the blanket, and the pet hair will stick to the glove. Rinse the glove frequently to remove the hair and continue until most of the hair is gone.

5. Add vinegar: Add a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine during the rinse cycle. Vinegar helps to loosen and remove pet hair, leaving your blanket clean and hair-free.

6. Choose the right wash cycle: Select a longer wash cycle with higher water levels. This will allow the blanket to move freely in the machine, helping to dislodge and remove embedded pet hair.

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7. Clean the washing machine: After washing a pet hair-covered blanket, it’s essential to clean your washing machine. Run an empty cycle with hot water and add a cup of white vinegar to remove any lingering pet hair and odors.

8. Dry properly: Once the washing cycle is complete, tumble dry the blanket on low heat. The heat will help loosen any remaining pet hair, and the dryer’s lint trap will catch most of it. If possible, clean the lint trap during the drying process to ensure optimal removal.


1. Can I wash multiple pet blankets together?
Yes, you can wash multiple pet blankets together as long as they fit comfortably in the washing machine.

2. Can I use fabric softener?
Fabric softeners can actually attract more pet hair, so it’s best to avoid using them.

3. How often should I wash pet blankets?
It is recommended to wash pet blankets at least once a week or as needed.

4. Can I use cold water to wash pet blankets?
While warm water is more effective in removing pet hair, you can still use cold water if your blanket’s care instructions allow it.

5. Should I use a specific detergent?
Using a detergent designed for pet hair removal can be helpful, but any regular detergent will also work fine.

6. Can I air dry my pet blankets?
Air drying is an option, but tumble drying is more effective in removing pet hair.

7. How do I prevent pet hair from sticking to blankets in the first place?
Regularly grooming your pet and using a pet hair remover brush can help minimize hair shedding.

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8. Is it necessary to clean the washing machine after each pet blanket wash?
While it’s not necessary after every wash, it’s a good practice to clean the washing machine every few months to prevent any buildup of pet hair or odors.

By following these simple steps, you can say goodbye to pesky pet hair on your blankets and enjoy a clean and fur-free environment.

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