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How to Beat Level 383 on Pet Rescue


Pet Rescue Saga is a popular puzzle game that challenges players to rescue adorable pets from evil pet snatchers. Level 383 is notorious for its difficulty, but with a few strategic moves, you can beat it and save those adorable pets! Here are some tips to help you conquer this challenging level.

1. Understand the goal: The objective of Level 383 is to rescue at least 12 pets within a limited number of moves. To achieve this, you must clear blocks to create a path for the pets to reach the bottom of the board.

2. Focus on clearing the blocks: Your main priority should be removing the blocks obstructing the pets’ path. Look for matches that will create large clusters of blocks to clear them more efficiently.

3. Utilize boosters: Boosters can be a game-changer in difficult levels like this. The Line Blaster can clear a row or column, while the Rocket can remove a whole column or row with a single move. Use them wisely to clear blocks and create paths for the pets.

4. Make use of the paintbrush: The paintbrush is a unique tool in Pet Rescue Saga. It can remove any block of your choice, so use it strategically to clear a path for pets or remove a particularly challenging block.

5. Plan your moves ahead: Level 383 requires careful planning and foresight. Take your time to analyze the board and plan your moves in advance. Look for opportunities to create combos and clear multiple blocks with a single move.

6. Save your pets strategically: When you have the choice to rescue multiple pets, consider the color of the blocks beneath them. Try to prioritize saving pets on top of blocks that are easy to clear, as this will help create a smoother path for the remaining pets.

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7. Keep an eye on the moves remaining: The number of moves is limited, so be mindful of how many moves you have left. Avoid wasting moves on unnecessary matches and focus on essential ones that will progress you towards your goal.

8. Stay patient and persistent: Level 383 can be frustrating, but don’t give up! Keep trying different strategies and approaches until you find a winning combination. Remember, perseverance is key.


1. Can I beat Level 383 without using boosters?
Yes, it is possible to beat Level 383 without boosters. However, using boosters strategically can greatly increase your chances of success.

2. Are there any specific color combinations that work best in this level?
There is no specific color combination that guarantees success in Level 383. Focus on creating large clusters of the same color to clear blocks efficiently.

3. How many pets do I need to rescue to pass the level?
You need to rescue at least 12 pets to pass Level 383.

4. Can I replay a level in Pet Rescue Saga?
Yes, you can replay any level in Pet Rescue Saga as many times as you like.

5. How many moves do I have in Level 383?
The number of moves varies in each attempt, but it is limited. You need to complete the level within the given moves.

6. Are there any hidden blocks in Level 383?
No, there are no hidden blocks in Level 383. All blocks are visible from the beginning.

7. Are there any shortcuts or cheats to beat this level?
There are no shortcuts or cheats to beat Level 383. The level is designed to challenge players and test their puzzle-solving skills.

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8. Is there a time limit in this level?
No, there is no time limit in Level 383. Take your time to plan your moves and think strategically.

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